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Three Ireland customers – Online Community

Three Ireland want to understand their customers lives, their needs, their attitudes so that they can improve their products and service and ultimately, improve customer’s experience.
Three have partnered with us to set up an exciting new online community. This is an exclusive, invite only online community. We have set this up so that we can learn about what you think and feel on lots of subjects relating to your day-to-day life, the technology you use, from your mobile phone to broadband as well as existing and new technology and lots of other interesting subjects. We will also be seeking your advice and ideas on new products and campaigns.
With lots of chats, sneak previews, fun activities and the opportunity to share thoughts on new products and campaigns there is always something for participants to get involved in.
This community will run for a duration of 12 months at a minimum. We know that people are busy and always on the go, so we don’t expect you to be on the community every single day 😊. There would be approximately 8 tasks in the year, and ongoing interesting conversations to get involved in once a month.  We are not looking for experts – just people who enjoy chatting with others, giving their opinion and taking part in fun activities.  
We want to know what you think about lots different things, it could be your taste in music, your interest in sport or what new products you think Three Ireland should be developing for you in the future.  On a much bigger level, we will be asking you to help us shape how we talk to customers like you in the future.
An example of the tasks could be; to review and give your feedback on a new smartphone or new smart home technology before it is launched or to visit a new Three store and tell us what think of the layout or tell us what you think family life will be like in 2030. The tasks will be relevant to you.
What is an Online Research Community?
This community will work much like a Facebook page, but it will be a private, secure, invite only, exclusive space where we can listen to you and other people like you share your opinions.
As we mentioned we’re setting this up is because we want to learn about what is most important to you. We will be focussing on your lives, your interests, and more specifically on how technology helps you as well seeking your advice and ideas. 
What’s in it for me?
This is a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us, and with other like minded people in conversations that will have a big influence on how Three Ireland can improve in the future, so we hope you will join us on our journey!
We appreciate that your time is precious so for this reason we will be rewarding members with incentives, prize draws and best contributor prizes after every activity. Rewards will include but not limited to; One4all vouchers, gift cards, concert tickets, cinema tickets, goodie bags, mobile phone handsets, competitions to win exclusive prizes and experiences.

More detail will follow once you register.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please fill in the details below.
Numbers are limited, so register now and have your say.

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