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The HSE want a direct line to the people of Ireland to better understand their lives, their needs, their attitudes, behaviors so that they can improve their information, campaigns, services and supports. They want to connect with people in Ireland on a continuous basis and on a deeper level.
The HSE have partnered with us GRO Fieldwork and Core Research to set up an exciting new online community.

This is an exclusive, invite only online community. We have set this up so that we can learn about what people think and feel on lots of subjects relating to their day-to-day life, their passions, their attitudes to health and wellbeing, from reviewing new ads, to testing out new services and supports, and lots of other interesting subjects.

We will also be seeking their advice and opinions.
With lots of chats, sneak previews, fun activities and the opportunity to share thoughts on websites, apps and campaigns there is always something for participants to get involved in.

We know that people are busy and always on the go, so we don’t expect participants to be on the community every single day, all we need is for participants to get involved and to take some time for each task that is relevant to them. There would be approximately 6-8 tasks in a 12-month period, and ongoing conversations to get involved in once a month.

We are not looking for experts – just people who enjoy chatting with others, giving their opinion and taking part in activities.
The tasks will be relevant and tailored.

We appreciate that your time is precious so for this reason we will be rewarding an initial incentive is €20 be given to everyone that completes 2 tasks after signing up.
We will also be rewarding members with incentives, prize draws and best contributor prizes after subsequent tasks!

If you are interested in taking part please fill in screener questionnaire – it should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete.

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