Evolution of Social Class

Our job during recruitment is to ensure we get the best possible respondents.
Social class can pose a problem in qualitative recruitment as very ambiguous. It is not as relevant as it was once before due to the change within households over the years. One of the first social grading editions states ‘in the unlikely event that the head of household is a woman’ just shows how things have evolved!
Social grading has become a slightly archaic process and now we need to depend on the recruiter’s intuitiveness, experience and intelligence to ascertain what social grouping the respondent should fit into.
Although the social grading HOH occupation is a good base for respondents, more information is needed on the respondent you want to target, as the SEG question doesn’t take into account the bigger picture of background, education & shopping habits.
In conclusion, I would always propose providing a short pen portrait of respondents alongside the brief/spec to provide a better direction when recruiting.
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