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Case Study 1

GRO were asked by a global advertising agency to recruit respondents for a leading global hotel client in the UK, USA and China for an internal project

We were also asked by an international design company to recruit respondents for an online study amongst travellers who live in Brazil, India, Dubai, France and Spain and speak fluent English

In both cases

  • Screeners were written and adapted for any cultural differences in some markets
  • Central project management for all markets
  • Arrangement and briefing of trusted partners in each market
  • Respondent profiles in each market collated for client
  • Deadlines were met for both clients despite tight timelines

Case Study 2

GRO has conducted many in-home ethnographic interviews across the country. The most difficult is always London due to the size and travel times between respondents. Most recently we have been asked to recruit a variety of respondents for clients in travel, clothing, personal care and electronics in various locations.

One client, a leading consumer electronics company, wanted 10 AB females aged 25-45 to take part in a 6 week online community alongside in-home product testing followed by in-home ethnographies. This project required precise and accurate project management due to all of the variables required

  • Initial recruitment ensured postcodes were clustered to a similar area
  • Client confidentiality and respondent sensitivity were upheld at all times
  • Address checks were made on each respondent (location & postal details)
  • Management of product delivery and returns
  • Management of respondents on the online community

Case Study 3

GRO had a particularly tough recruitment job for a car company. Against our recommendations on sample and numbers we had to adhere to clients requests. The specs were very tightly defined and more respondents were needed than usual giving us enormous barriers to overcome. However, due to great relationships, a large network of recruiters and using other resources we managed to deliver on the clients expectations. They even wanted people who had bought a car that has only just arrived in the UK market but we found them!

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